Outreach and Recruitment

         The Station is used by a variety of groups for educational, professional and outreach activities. Educational and outreach activities include K-12 school and scouting based programs, interagency meetings, visiting classes from other universities and the regular field oriented summer classes offered at the Station. Summer courses have been offered at the station continuously since 1966. A wide variety of courses, ranging from herpetology and ornithology to field mycology and aquatic/wetlands plants, are offered during 2 four-week sessions each summer.

         In addition, as part of our outreach and recruitment program, station personnel and faculty from the Department of Biological Sciences have been involved in an annual conservation day for 400 to 500 5th and 6th graders each spring. The Station has also hosted weekend conservation workshops with high school students and scout groups. At these workshops, individuals not only participated in conservation projects like invasive woody species control, prairie seed collection, electro-fishing, turtle trapping at the Station and a prescribed burning equipment presentation, but also received instruction and mentoring, from scientists and resource managers from various state and non-profit natural resource agencies, concerning career options available in the natural resource field.