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Copyright Policy

The WIU Library Digitization Unit will be in compliance with the Copyright Law and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This policy is intended to serve as a guide to the copyright law/act and its various amendments. It should serve as a reference and in no way substitute for the current laws and acts concerning copyright. Also see Copyright resources at WIU located on the Internet:


  • The Digitization Unit will only digitize requests in compliance with DMCA, US Copyright Law (Act), and any other regulations regarding copyrighted materials.
  • Rights for digital reproduction and access must be obtained in writing from the current copyright owner.
  • Copies of correspondence granting digitization and access permissions should be available and digitized for display when the item is accessed.
  • The Digitization Unit will digitize items in the public domain that meet collection and selection development standards of the WIU Library.

Reviewed: 10/01/2013