Supreme Court Decisions

  • Nexis Uni (1820 forward)
  • Findlaw (1893 forward)
  • (1991 forward)
  • JUSTIA (1759 forward)
  • The Oyez Project - U.S. Supreme Court Media
    • Also includes concise summaries and audio oral arguments of selected cases and information on the SC Justices
  • Print Sources. located in Legal Reference
    • U.S. Reports, v.1 (Dallas) forward
    • United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyer's Edition
      • LE - First series, vols. 1-100 (complete)
      • L.Ed.2d - Second series, v.1-176
    • Landmark briefs and arguments of the Supreme Court of the United States: Constitutional law LEGLREF. KF101.8 .L36
      • 1974, 1988, 1993, 1996-1999

Federal Court Decisions

  • Nexis Uni (early 1900's forward)
  • The Federal Judiciary Homepage
    • News, publications, and directories of the U.S. Courts, or link to courts by circuit.
  • FindLaw (summaries only)
  • Print Sources. located in Legal Reference
    • Federal Cases, (1789-1880)
    • This is a database where you can pay to get court documents. It's useful for finding out what stage a court case is currently in, as you can see all the documents filed in order by date.

State Court Decisions

  • Nexis Uni
  • Illinois Supreme Court and Appellate Decisions
  • Indiana Supreme Court and Appellate Decisions
  • Iowa Supreme Court and Appellate Decisions
  • Missouri Supreme Court and Appellate Decisions
  • Print Sources, located in Legal Reference
    • Illinois Appellate Court Reports, (1878-1964)
    • Illinois Appellate Court Reports 2d, (1964-1972)
    • Illinois Appellate Court Reports 3d, (1972-2010 - v.400)
    • Official Reports - Advance sheets for IllApp3d and Ill.2d (No longer received after 2011.)
    • Illinois Reports, (1819-1954)
    • Illinois Reports 2d, (1954-2011 - v.242)
    • Northeastern Reporter, (1885-1936)
    • North Eastern Reporter 2d, (1936-2012)
    • Table of Cases for American Decisions, American Reports, and vols.1-100 of American State Reports, located near the Government and Legal Information Office, 4th Floor.