Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is my library liaison?
Please view the Liaison/Departmental Table
What can my library liaison do for me?
Your liaison is charged with serving the library and information needs of your departments faculty and students. If you have questions about library services or resources, contact your library liaison first. They are in the best position to answer your questions from the unique perspective of your department.
How do I recommend that the library order specific library materials, such as books, journals, or other media?
Contact your liaison with your request and provide as much bibliographic information as you know. The Libraries book budget is not unlimited, therefore not all recommendations will be acquired. Your library liaison will work with you and your colleagues to help you prioritize your requests.
My students are not finding the information they need to complete their assignments. How can my library liaison help them?
Your liaison will meet with you to discuss your students specific information needs. With your input, the liaison will design a library instruction session that features goals and objectives that meet the needs of your class. For more information on such a session visit the Libraries instruction webpage.