Malpass Library Plant Sale, Oct. 25 – 27, 2016

Picture of flowers with text overlay about the event.

The Malpass Library, well-known for its abundant greenery, will be offering some of its many plants available for sale to the public. The plant sale will take place from October 25th through 27th, 10 am to 4 pm each day, in the Staff Lounge on the bottom floor.

“The thing about plants,” said Outreach Librarian Christina Norton, “Is that they grow and multiply, and you end up with more than you started with.” The library is looking to reduce the number of plants and create more space in the library, Norton added, with proceeds from sales going towards resources and programming in the library.

According to Rebecca Fross, the library’s gardener, the approximately 200 plants for sale will include varieties such as the wax privet (Peperomia glabella) and oak leaf ivy (Cissus rhombifolia ‘Ellen Danica’), with prices ranging from $3 to $15. Most will be hanging baskets for $6 - $7, though there will also be container plants, such as rubber tree plants and corn plants, ranging in height from 1 to 5 feet. A printed sheet of basic care for each plant will be available as well.

All sales are cash only. For more information, contact Lora Adcock at 309-298-2762 or