Theme and Description

The 32nd Annual

Mid-America Theatre Conference

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Minneapolis, Minnesota

March 3-6, 2011

In 2011, the Mid-America Theatre Conference returns to Minneapolis, a city renowned for both a wide range of performance ensembles and for a cultural ethos (some might say stereotype) of “Minnesota nice.”  For this year’s meeting, we take as our inspiration Company:  a term that multiply suggests artistic collaborations, commercial endeavors and ethical possibilities.  By nature, theatre obliges those who practice, teach and study it to engage all of these different senses of company simultaneously.  Efforts to preserve artistic relationships within the theatre must complement appeals to audiences beyond the theatre.  The company we keep, in other words, hinges upon the company we provide.

For MATC 2011, then, we invite artistic and scholarly work that addresses how the pragmatics of commercial and aesthetic success intersect with the ethics of hospitality and collaboration.  How open are theatres, classrooms and critical conversations to new or wider audiences?  When is “keeping company” difficult or impractical in the theatre or in the university?  What defines “best Practices” for maintaining a theatre company in a context of financial insecurity?  What lessons can we draw from studying theatre companies past and present, extant and extinct?  What is the future of the theatrical company, and do our classrooms prepare future artists for that reality?  How might new technologies or modes of social networking alter the dynamics of company in theatre practice and pedagogy?  Is company still a viable model for theatre practice?  What company do we find ourselves sharing, locally and globally?

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Acting & Directing Symposium

Pedagogy Symposium

Playwriting Symposium

Theatre History Symposium

Emerging Scholars Panels

Articles-In-Progress Workshop

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