Acting and Directing Symposium

Mid‑America Theatre Conference

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis,

Minneapolis, Minnesota

March 3‑6, 2011

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Acting and Directing Symposium


The Acting and Directing Symposium of the Mid‑America Theatre Conference (MATC) is seeking proposals for papers, co‑papers, presentations, round‑table discussions, organized panels, and visual presentations that can be linked to the notion of Company, broadly construed. For the Acting and Directing Symposium of the thirty‑second annual MATC conference we seek to examine current and emerging challenges in acting, directing, and the analysis of the creation and reception of theatre.

Papers and presentations may be explorations and analyses of specific theatrical events or theoretical investigations of the work of significant actors, directors, or ensembles. All approved presenters will have the opportunity to submit an article to Theatre/Practice, an open access online journal created to encourage, recognize, and disseminate rigorous and high quality scholarship on the practice and theory of acting and directing. Submissions to Theatre/Practice are limited to work presented at the Mid America Theatre Conference.

Areas of investigation might include:

  • What defines “best practices” for maintaining a theatre company in a context of financial uncertainty?
  • What is the future of the theatrical company?
  • Is company still a viable model for theatre practice?
  • What is the director’s role in building company?
  • How does the concept of ensemble performance contribute to ideas of company?
  • Who owns a company?
  • How do companies create identity?
  • How can actors/ directors appeal to audiences to be part of the company?
  • What responsibility does the actor have as part of the company?
  • What does company mean in the rehearsal hall?

Applicants are asked to email 150‑250 word abstracts that include the following information:  applicant’s name, applicant’s rank, academic affiliation, address, telephone, email, presentation format (single paper, co‑paper or co‑presentation, panel presentation, round‑table discussion, or other), title of presentation, and a two‑three paragraph description of the paper, panel or presentation.  Please be sure to include any special technology needs in your abstract, including slides, PowerPoint, audio or video.  (Please note that technology accommodations are extremely limited during the conference).

Individual presentations should not exceed 8 double‑spaced pages (approximately 2000 words) and will be limited to a 15 minute maximum.  Round table discussions and organized panels will be limited to a 40 minute presentation period followed by a 25 minute audience discussion and question period.

Deadline for submissions:  October 15th, 2010

Please send submissions electronically as MS Word or PDF files to BOTH:

Susanna Morrow
School of Theatre
Trinity University


Greg Doran
Department of English
University of Prince Edward Island