Pedagogy Symposium

Mid‑America Theatre Conference

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis,

Minneapolis, Minnesota

March 3‑6, 2011

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Pedagogy Symposium


The Pedagogy Symposium for 2011 seeks panels and papers that address the broad theme of “Company” addressed from a number of positions. The Oxford English Dictionary offers no less than 10 different definitions of the word “company.” All of the definitions, though, in some way remind us that company features as its central dynamic impulse a coming together of individuals.  Undoubtedly, our schools, universities, training centers, conferences and rehearsal halls all qualify as places where company is made, re-formed, kept and shaped. Considering this, we invite proposals that investigate the intersections between company and the classroom.  Proposals might focus on (but certainly are not limited to):

  • The Resident Company – how does a resident theatre company function within a theatre department or training program?  What are the pluses, the minuses, and how is an education different because of the company’s presence?

  • Virtual Company – what does it mean to form the “company” of a classroom when it’s done online?  How does this affect pedagogical techniques, dialogue, tone?  What issues arise that don’t come up in a classroom, and what aspects of on-line teaching can be better than a “face-to-face” classroom?

  • Disagreeable Company – how can collegiality be fostered in an environment that often rewards hard-nosed competition?  What ways can respectful dissent be encouraged in a training environment while reigning in the professional contrarian whose comments only contribute chaos?

  • Uncertain Company – how can theatre departments and training programs make their role within universities, and the society at large, more vital and less prone to the whims of economics, politics and cost-cutting administrators?

  • The Company of the Department, College, School and/or University – what methods or policies might encourage fruitful interdisciplinary work with colleagues from other departments or schools? How might the wider University be brought into the “company” of the theatre department or program?

  • The Company of your Audience – how can your theatre season and, perhaps, your training program, “invite” company from the community, whether it’s the University or the wider community of the local public?

  • The Company of your Colleagues – what methods might enable us to create, and most importantly, maintain a “company” of educators from various institutions?  Beyond another credit on your CV, what benefits are gleaned from keeping such company?

Proposals should include: your name, title and academic affiliation; your contact information (most importantly your most reliable email address); the title of your presentation and a 250 word abstract (MS Word is preferred but not required); any anticipated audio/visual requirements.  Proposals for full panels are also welcome.  In such cases, please list all participants and a principal contact person.

Deadline for submissions is October 15, 2010.

All proposals and any questions should be directed to both:

Dr. Elizabeth Cawns
Independent Scholar


Dr. Patrick Bynane
Texas Woman’s University