10-Minute Plays


Playwriting Symposium

Mid-America Dramatists Lab

Mid-America Theatre Conference, March 3-6, 2011


(Click HERE for a .pdf version of the CFP)

The Playwriting Symposium of the Mid-America Theatre Conference seeks playwrights to participate in our Mid-America Dramatists Lab, which produces a series of staged readings of new ten-minute plays.

The conference-wide theme is “Company,” a term that multiply suggests artistic collaborations, commercial endeavors, and ethical possibilities. By nature, theatre obliges those who practice, teach, and study it to engage all of these different senses of company simultaneously.  Efforts to preserve artistic relationships within the theatre must complement appeals to audiences beyond the theatre.  The company we keep, in other words, hinges upon the company we provide.  Although we encourage playwrights to consider the all-conference theme as food for thought, unrelated submissions will certainly be considered.

This is a juried event, and while all playwrights are invited to submit, the call for scripts is directed primarily at academic playwrights who are either faculty or graduate students who seek the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback from their peers. The plays that are selected will be rehearsed and presented as concert readings at the conference with invited directors, dramaturgs, and actors. Three to four additional plays will be selected to be presented as a part of our evening Fringe Festival Showcase of Plays.

All playwrights whose work is selected must register for the conference. There is no funding from the conference for travel or lodging costs. The Mid-America Theatre Conference will take place at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, MN from March 3-6, 2011.


  • Scripts must be typewritten using Samuel French or similar guidelines. Times New Roman 12 point font.

  • Scripts MUST run no more than ten minutes in length. We will NOT accept plays with longer run-times. Please time your plays prior to submitting. A general page estimate includes approximately 8-9 pages although this is not an exact science. Scripts with fast-paced one-line dialogue are often much shorter in time than plays with extensive monologues.
  • Scripts should bear only the title of the play and NOT the name and address of the author. In a separate document, list the title of the play, name of the author, address, phone number, e-mail, and university/college, theatre, or state affiliation.
  • The play may call for NO MORE than three actors to participate. Roles may be doubled but the symposium will only accommodate three actors per script.

Submit plays and title pages by e-mail attachment in PDF format to Season Ellison, Symposium Co-Chair (sellison@wooster.edu)

All submissions must be received by October 1, 2010. Acceptance will be acknowledged by January 2011.

Please direct all questions to: Season Ellison, Symposium Co-Chair (sellison@wooster.edu or 330-263-2028).