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WIU's Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Releases New Book

March 24, 2020

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MACOMB, IL – Western Illinois University's 2020 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Lee L. Brice has released a new book, "New Approaches to Greek and Roman Warfare."

Through the book, Brice, who is a professor in WIU's Department of History, brings together essays from specialists in ancient history who use contemporary tools and approaches to uncover new evidence and increase knowledge of ancient militaries and warfare.

"The book addresses misconceptions that military history and ancient history are stuck in old-school methods. They are active areas of exciting new research and new approaches to old ideas and evidence," said Brice. "It does this by bringing together experts to discuss new methodologies that are being used to reveal the ancient Greek and Roman world, particularly ancient militaries."

Brice added that specific topics include examining the skeletons of soldiers and victims of battlefield violence, why soldiers panic, why soldiers mutiny, how war was funded and what Roman hospitals and medicine were like for soldiers. The book will be of interest to students and scholars, as well as readers interested in ancient history and military history generally.

Brice was recently named WIU's Distinguished Faculty Lecturer. His lecture, "The Colts of Corinth Revisited: A Numismatic Study," will focus on the results of an on-going study of small-denomination silver coinage of ancient Corinth and its place in the history of coinage.

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