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WIU Summer Protocols

May 8, 2020

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Dear Campus Community,

As the academic year comes to an end and the University transitions to summer operations, we have adjusted protocols for those individuals who must come to campus, beginning Monday, May 11, 2020. Employees are expected to work remotely unless it is absolutely necessary to physically be on campus until the current Stay at Home order is lifted and the University has provided instruction on how employees will be coming back to work.

Summer 2020 Protocols

Temperature Testing and Logging into Campus:

• From 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (WIU-Macomb) & 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. (WIU-QC) Monday-Friday, a temperature-testing station will be available on the Macomb campus at Beu Health Center (curbside) and at the security desk in Riverfront Hall on the WIU-QC campus. This procedure is REQUIRED for every employee working on our campuses.

• If an employee is on campus during regular working hours, they do not need to contact OPS.

• Any employee on campus M-F during regular hours MUST be in possession of a day pass matching that specific day's date.

• Employees working at Facilities Management, OPS, Heating Plant and Sodexo Food Service do not need to check in with OPS or do a daily temperature check at a location as they will have protocols in place at their respective worksites.

• Student employees will be required to have their temperature taken and be in possession of a day pass. They can obtain this by either having their temperature taken at the Corbin-Olson Information Desk or at Beu Health Center (curbside).

• Students residing in the residence halls will be required to have their temperatures taken and receive a day pass before entering the dining center during meals.

• Students residing off-campus who come to campus for the purpose of using the designated computer lab in Corbin-Olson Hall or the dining center will have their temperatures taken and receive a day pass when entering the facility.

Before Hours/After-Hours:

• If an employee is on campus before testing stations open, they can work from their office until testing begins, at which time, they must go to Beu or the WIU-QC security desk for a temperature reading and day pass.

• If an employee arrives on the Macomb campus after 5 p.m., they do NOT need to go to OPS to check-in; however, their supervisor MUST call OPS (309) 298-1949 to provide permission. Once the employee arrives to campus, they should contact OPS to log them into campus. WIU-QC staff who need access after-hours should contact Dr. Rives to make arrangements.


• On weekends, employees on the Macomb campus do not need to go to OPS to check-in; however, their supervisor needs to call OPS (309) 298-1949 to log the individual onto campus. The WIU-QC facilities are closed on weekends and access is not allowed.

Face Coverings:

• WIU employees who need to be on campus are required to provide their own face covering when on campus and in public areas. Surgical masks, N-95 masks, and other types of respirators are not being recommended at this time (except where applicable in relation to one's job responsibilities) for common use as these are considered critical supplies for healthcare workers and other first responders.

• Students living in the residence halls for the summer will be provided a face covering at time of check-in.

• If a WIU employee or student needs a face covering, please contact Joe Roselieb (

We want to continue to emphasize the importance of working from home when possible. Employees with underlying health concerns should refrain from coming to campus. Now that only a limited number of summer classes are being taught and University operations slow down, it is expected that we have fewer individuals that have a need to be on campus.

The University is working diligently on planning procedures to welcome employees back to work in conjunction with the IL Governor's Office and state and federal health directions.

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