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Curator of Ancient Art to Present Architecture Lecture March 20

March 14, 2006

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MACOMB, IL - - Western Illinois University’s history department will host an Archaeological Institute of America lecture by Benton Kidd at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 20 in Morgan Hall 109. Kidd will present “The Pros and Cons of Doric: The Fate of the Later Order.”

Kidd is the associate curator of ancient art at the Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He will discuss the Doric order, which is the oldest and least decorative of the three orders of classical Greek architecture.

His lecture will highlight how Doric architecture came to be disliked via Hellenistic architects and Vitruvius, who then continued their ideas through the Renaissance and later.

Kidd argues that if the evidence is examined more closely, researchers will find that Doric order architectural symbols did not end in the Hellenistic Period, but rather reached culmination. He also argues that Doric architecture became an icon of Attalid propaganda, which focused heavily on preservation of Greek heritage.

This lecture is open free to the public.

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