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Graduate Students receive More Than $4,000 For Research and Development

March 29, 2006

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MACOMB, IL - - Eleven Western Illinois University graduate students recently received monetary awards from the Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund to support their research projects and presentations. A total of $4,824 was awarded to the students for the spring and summer semesters.

Graduate students who are enrolled in a degree program and have a minimum 3.0 grade point average in at least six semester hours at Western are eligible to apply for the awards. Each recipient is required to write and submit a summary report at the conclusion of the research or activity.

Students receiving research and development awards, listed by county and hometown, are:

BELVIDERE (61008) - Marissa Phoenix, biology, received $500 to assist with a research project, which will evaluate how white-tailed deer react when presented with different types of sensory cues. Expenses will include travel to the Kibbe Field Station and cost of various animal urines and decoys to be used during the yearlong research.

FARMER CITY (61842) - Krisha Otto, psychology, was awarded $250 to assist with expenses related to a May 2006 conference presentation in Chicago for the Midwestern Psychological Association. The presentation will focus on how dyadic rapport may be affected by the phenomenon of emotional contagion.

BLOOMINGDALE (60108) - Jessica Revak, psychology, received $250 to assist with expenses related to a May 2006 conference presentation in Chicago for the Midwestern Psychological Association. The presentation will be “Recovering Threatened Needs: The Efficacy of Apology and Future Inclusion.”

CARTHAGE (62321) - James Castlebury, biology, received $500 for materials related to his research project to determine the nature of any genetic relationships in the charophyte, a type of algae, populations of Kickapoo State Park and Banner Marsh.

WATSEKA (60970) - Bryan Thompson, biology, was awarded $500 to assist with his research project involving sequencing DNA fragments from mutant Bacillus cereus strains, which commonly causes food poisoning. Expenses include the purchase of materials and equipment.

BUSHNELL (61422) - Christina Dove, sociology, received $500 to assist with her presentation of “The Human-Nature Relationship in Religious Song” at the April 2006 inaugural conference of the Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture. The funds will help pay for travel, lodging, and conference fees.

MACOMB (61455) - Renee Smith, biology, received $500 to assist with expenses related to her research project “Charophyte Algae Dispersal by Migrating Waterfowl: Biogeographic Implications for Illinois Wetlands.”

MACOMB - Brock Terry, geography, received $424 to assist with lodging expenses at two May conferences, the Illinois Geographic Information Systems Association in Springfield and the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Illinois Geographical Society. He will present a 3D model of the Western Illinois University campus using geographic information system (GIS).

BOLINGBROOK (60440) - Scott Weber, biology, received $500 to assist with an April 2006 conference presentation at the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Annual Meeting in San Francisco. His presentation is called “Purification and CNBr Cleavage of Secondary Alcohol Dehydrogenase from Micrococcus Luteus.” Expenses include travel and registration fees.

Yanrong Deng, instructional technology and telecommunication, was awarded $500 to assist with expenses related to presenting research on Modular Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) at two conferences.

Keisuke Nozaki, geography, was awarded $400 to assist with a research project studying deer-vehicle accidents in Illinois. Expenses include GIS software programs.

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