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Social Influence and Risky Driving Psychology Lecture at WIU Nov. 10

November 7, 2006

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MACOMB, IL - - Western Illinois University’s psychology department continues its Fall 2006 colloquium series with “The Effect of Social Influence on Risky Driving,” a 3 p.m. Friday, Nov. 10 presentation by David Lane, WIU assistant professor of psychology, in Waggoner Hall 54.

His talk will describe several studies that examined how young adultsÂ’ perceptions of peers affect their attitudes and behaviors related to reckless driving. Findings suggest that young adults who believed their peers were in favor of reckless driving behaviors were more likely to report that such behavior was not risky and to make risky decisions about driving.

LaneÂ’s research interests include health and social psychology with a focus on health-related risk behaviors. He teaches introductory psychology, social psychology and research methods at Western.

The presentation is open free to the public.

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