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"Education for Diversity" Speaker at WIU Feb. 2

January 23, 2007

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MACOMB, IL -- The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research (CITR) at Western Illinois University will host Florida mathematics teacher Paige Allison on the WIU-Macomb campus Friday, Feb. 2. Allison will present "Education for Diversity: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy" during a lunch discussion from noon-1 p.m. in the University Union Sandburg Lounge.

Allison's discussion will demonstrate the utility of incorporating social justice critiques across the curriculum at all levels to increase student engagement and critical thinking, as well as to illustrate the fundamental role of mathematics in all subject areas. Her discussion will also offer reflection on current teaching techniques as a prelude to creating culturally relevant teaching strategies. According to Allison, culture is central to learning, playing a role not only in communicating and receiving information, but also in shaping the thinking process of groups and individuals.

"Teaching that acknowledges, responds to and celebrates fundamental cultures offers full, equitable access to education for students from all cultures," she explained.

Allison has served as a mathematics teacher at Gainesville (FL) High School since 1984. She also has served as the director of Project IMPACT - Innovative Technology Grant and has received numerous teaching awards over the years. Allison is recognized among her peers in the mathematics and anthropology fields as a leader in creating teaching tools to assist educators in improving their effectiveness in the classroom. She earned her doctoral degree in educational anthropology from the University of Florida in 2005.

Allison's Feb. 2 presentation is open free to the public. For more information, contact the CITR at 309/298-2434 or visit

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