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Employee Service Recognition Reception April 29

April 25, 2008

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MACOMB, IL - - Five Western Illinois University employees have been selected to receive community service and recognition and service awards. They, along with employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service to WIU, will be honored at the Service Recognition Reception at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 29 in the University Union Lamoine Room.

Marla Vizdal, library operations associate in Malpass Library Archives, and Matthew Clark, technology user support services, will be presented WIU's 2008 Community Service Awards, which include a certificate from the Office of Human Resources and a $250 stipend from the WIU Alumni Association.

Kathleen Neumann, chair of the department of computer science; Charles "Chet" Derry, microcomputer coordinator, Malpass Library; Robert "Bob" Bahr, physical science technical assistant, chemistry; and Leslie Mose, office support associate, WIU-Quad Cities, will receive the 2008 Western Illinois University Recognition and Service Awards. This award includes a certificate and a $250 stipend from the Office of Human Resources.

Vizdal was nominated for the Civil Service Community Service Award for her commitment and work with the Promoting Local History Task Force, which is part of the Community Quality of Life Committee; serving the McDonough County Genealogical Society as secretary, as publisher of the News Quarterly and as a research center volunteer; and co-chairing Friends of Vishnu, which works in partnership with the WIU Foundation.

"Marla is one of a few people who are truly committed to the preservation of knowledge for the western region of Illinois. Her work and commitment to the community is renowned," said Phyllis Self, University Libraries dean. "She is not just a student of history but a true historian committing time, energy and resources to going above her work at WIU to preserve this history of this region."

Clark received the Administrative Community Service Award based on his work as a member of the Macomb School Board, the Macomb Balloon Rally Committee and a local educational tuberculosis committee. Since becoming a Macomb School Board member in May 2007, Clark has participated in training sessions designed to develop more effective and productive board members. Since 2005, he has served with the Macomb Balloon Rally Committee's annual planning and implementation of the event; and he designed, and updates, the rally's website. This year Clark is vice president of the Macomb Balloon Rally. He also takes an active role on a tuberculosis committee that promotes education and prevention of the disease in and around the Macomb area.

Neumann was nominated for the Administrative Recognition and Service Award for her leadership, vision and diligent work to strengthen and adapt the computer science undergraduate and graduate programs based on student interest, preparedness and career prospects. Under her leadership, many new courses were developed to support the creation of the department's degree program in telecommunications management, which began Fall 2007; and the upcoming integrated five year BS/MS degree program, which will begin Fall 2008. Neumann was also cited for her work on the WIU negotiating team dealing with the WIU/University Professionals of Illinois (UPI) Local 4100 faculty agreement contact. She is a member of the National Science Foundation (NSF) panel that evaluates graduate fellowships; she co-chairs the computer science panel for the Illinois Articulation Initiative; she is a member of Western's Council on Curricular Programs and Instruction (CCPI); and she is a member of the President's Technology Advisory Users' Group.

"Dr. Neumann is the educational leader in our department, an administrative leader at WIU and a leader in her profession," said Martha Klems, computer science instructor. "We can be especially proud of Dr. Neumann because she is also one of our own graduates (B.S. 1986, M.S. 1988). She earned her Ph.D. at Northwestern, taught at UCLA, then returned to us as a faculty member, and now, department chair."

Derry, a 10-year employee of the WIU Libraries, was nominated to the Civil Service Recognition and Service Award because of his command of the use of technology and the outstanding level of service he provides to faculty, staff and students using library resources. He employs and manages student workers with computer background to stay in touch with emerging technologies as well as to learn the tools used by current students. In addition to his own responsibilities with Libraries, Derry was called on to assist with the installation of Zimbra on campus computers, and currently he is assisting academic computing install new computers in campus labs.

"Chet is a University team player," said Self. "One of my new faculty hires reported to me that he is so impressed with the work of Chet and his staff, and he has never worked for a library with such outstanding computer support."

Bahr was nominated for the 2008 Civil Service Recognition and Service Award for the variety of work and training he does, including serving as the chemistry department's safety officer. He joined Western's staff in 2004 following 30 years as a high school science teacher. His duties include maintaining chemistry teaching labs and stockrooms, including purchasing, receiving and overseeing the safe storage of chemicals and supplies. Among his first duties were reorganizing the chemistry stockrooms and establishing an inventory and maintenance system; safety wash stations and spill control centers on all of the floors; and a waste disposal policy. He also was able to negotiate rates and free shipping from chemical companies for Western. Bahr helps train chemistry graduate and teaching assistants and works with the chemistry and physics clubs in science education and teacher outreach. He was also awarded the Civil Service Recognition and Service Award in 2007.

"Bob Bahr performs all of his duties to the highest possible level. He works diligently to make all laboratories in the department a safe and productive environment; and he serves as safety officer, dealing with chemical waste disposal issues and making sure all state and federal regulations are followed," said Rose McConnell, chemistry chair. "Bob's tremendous background in K-12 teaching has been of great value in our chemistry teacher education program, and he plays an active role in all of our educational outreach activities."

Mose was nominated for the Civil Service Recognition and Service Award for her ability to work independently, communicate effectively with students, faculty and staff and accept new work challenges at the WIU-Quad Cities campus. This past year she has assumed responsibilities working with admissions applications and has streamlined the process to be more user-friendly to students. Mose also manages the WIU-QC testing center and provides support for academic advisers.

"Leslie is nothing less than stellar in performing her duties on a daily basis," said Curtis Williams, assistant director of undergraduate admissions, WIU-QC. "She has become an integral part of the QC family."

Employees with 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 years of service to Western will also be honored. They include:

40 Years
John Blauvelt, Geography

35 Years
Dorothy Busby, Financial Aid; Jean Fields, Beu Health Center; Eugene Mathes, Psychology; Marla Parker, Communication Sciences and Disorders; and Charles R. Smith, English

30 Years
Gregory Beck, Janet Lindsey, Dennis Phillips and W. Lynnette Summers, Building Services; Marcia Blackledge, Administrative Computing; Clare Beadles, Beu Health Center; Kimberly Clements, Student Development and Orientation; Stan Cunningham, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration; Ann Curtis, Infant and Preschool Center;
Iraj Kalantari, Mathematics; William Maakestad, Management; Jerry G. Markley, Television Services; Michael Pendergast, Athletics; Theresa Roegge, Purchasing; Kenneth Thermon, WIUM; Debbie Wiley, Political Science; Gerald Wilson, Building Maintenance

25 Years
Bradley Bainter, Development Office; Kenneth Durkin, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration; Cathy Dwyer, Physical Plant; Michael Fimmen, Social Work; Alan Harris, University Union Administrative Office; Warren Jones, Economics; Deborah McDaniel, Information Systems and Decision Sciences; Janice Owens, Scholarship Office; Donna Pestle, Agriculture; Robin Pittman, Malpass Library; Shirley Stolp, Accountancy; Patrick Stout, Broadcasting; Dorothy Vallillo, WIUM

20 Years
John Q. Adams, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies; Timothy Adams and Joann Kennedy, Administrative Computing; Barry Anderson, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration; Karen Ault and Lee Tichenor, Computer Science; Marie Bell, Chemistry; James Brakefield, Management; John Chisholm, Mathematics; Letha Clark, Center for Best Practices in Early Child Education; Steve Collier, University Union General Building; Donna Corrie, Small Business Development Center; Larry Dean, Visual Production Center; Farideh Dehkordi-Vakil, Information Systems and Decision Sciences; Virginia Diehl, Psychology; Patrick Dowdall, Physical Plant; Carolyn English, Women's Center; Carol Fimmen, Global Education-Business; Raymond Gabica, Theatre and Dance; Dianne Fullenwilder-Bracey and Pamella McLean, Advising and Academic Support Center;

M. David Gravino, University Relations; Edward Hamann, WIU Quad Cities; Kenneth Hawkinson, Dean's Office, College of Fine Arts and Communication; Andrea Henderson, Human Resources; Jeffrey Hillyer, Biological Sciences; Dorothy Huston and Dwight White, Building Services; Don T. Johnson, Marketing and Finance; Nancy Keithley and Cheryl Webster, Accounting Office; Mary Kubasak, Student Activities; Christopher Lantz, Instructional Design and Technology; Dennis Little, Building Mechanical Maintenance; Pamela Mainland and Meg Welsh, Document and Publication Services; Nancy Parsons, Health Sciences; Deborah Ruebush, Public Safety; Julia Standard, Kinesiology; Pearlie Strother-Adams and Jennie Trias, English; Kay Stelter, Non-Traditional Programs; Michelle Terry, College of Business and Technology Advising Center.

15 Years
Carol Bainter, University Union Service Center; Bonnie Bartlett, Beu Health Center; Carol A. Bell and Amelia Betz, Center for Best Practices in Early Child Education; Joann Bloomberg, Counseling Center; Dana Bray, Office Supplies Store; Bruce Briney, Music; Guadalupe M. Cabedo-Timmons and Colleen Combs, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Martin Coe, WIU-Quad Cities; Clyde Cronkhite, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration; Annette Davila, Administrative Computing; Nancy Desulis, Student Activities; Pamela Godt and Jean Wolf, Curriculum and Instruction; Diana Green, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Thomas Green, Agriculture; Paul D. Hughes, Landscape Maintenance; Roger Jackson, Building Maintenance; Martin Kral, Career Services; Timothy Kupka, Theatre and Dance; Susan Martinelli, Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences; Susan Nichols, Illinois Law Enforcement Executive Institute; Brent Payne, Engineering Technology; Diana Peck, Health Sciences; James Schmidt, Dean's Office, College Arts and Sciences; Aimee Shouse, Political Science; Dennis Smith, Physical Plant; Shengming Tang, Sociology/Anthropology

10 Years

Jennifer Allen, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration; Jerry Allen, Public Safety; Jason Aquila, Douglas Huff, Christine Lapka, Kevin Nichols, and Tammie Walker, Music; Vincent Auger, and Keith Boeckelman, Political Science; C. Suzanne Bailey, Deborah Horack, Steven Hunt, Frederick Isele, Donald McLean, Emeric Solymossy, Ann Walsh, Carolyn Ward and Steven Whan, WIU-Quad Cities; Lance Black and Greg Bozard, Building Maintenance; Sheryl Boston and Penny Corder, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising and Hospitality; Jennifer Brattain, Bookstore; Jessica Butcher, Vice President for Student Services Office; D. Paul Clayton and Tamela Hiel, Physical Plant; Deborah Conner and Walter McGath, Beu Health Center; Janet Cox, Payroll; Leslie Crane, Athletics; Tracy Cruise, Robert Intrieri and Kimberley McClure, Psychology; M. Todd Danner, Transportation Services; Tracy Davis, Eric Mansfield and Gregory Montalvo Jr., Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies; Robert Derry III and Joan Leff, Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education; Walter Derry, Telecommunications;

James DeWitt, Kelly Downing, Charles Eddington, Allen Kepple, Daniel Lambert, Robert Rittenhouse, Lewis Stoneking and Greg Turner, Building Services; Diane Edwards, Nancy Laverdiere and Charles Malone, Malpass Library; Richard Egger, WIUM; Cynthia Ewalt and Gayle Vincent, Financial Aid; Larry Fentem, Administrative Computing; Marguerite Gosnell, Accounting Office; Crystal Hack, CAIT; Glenn Haynes and Tara Westerhold, Economics; Ralph Heissinger, Melvin Lyttaker and Scott Palmer, History; Dora Hutinger and Margaret Sinex, English; Larry Kight, Mathematics; Todd Knox, Building Mechanical Maintenance; Kristi Kupka, Institute for Rural Affairs; Ross Lambert and Steven Radlo, Kinesiology; Abdul-Rasheed Na'Allah, African American Studies; Kenneth Nimrick, Agriculture; Russell Orwig, Social Work; Gordon Rands, Management; Clarene Royer, Scholarship Office; Beverly Short, Career Services; Jamie Shuda, Student Activities; Judy Smith and Patricia Thornton, University Housing and Dining Services; Christopher Sutton, Geography; Carolyn Tripp and Jim Tripp, Marketing and Finance; and Randall Widger, University Union Bowling and Billiard Center.

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