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WIU Board Approves Cost Increases for New Students

June 5, 2009

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MACOMB, IL -- The Western Illinois University Board of Trustees approved today (June 5) a 7.2 percent increase in all costs (tuition, fees and room and board) for students entering the University in Fall 2009.

Undergraduate students entering Western in Fall 2009 will be charged $6,778.80 in annual tuition, based on 15 hours per semester at a $225.96 per semester hour rate. The tuition rate is $215.20 per semester hour for students who entered in Fall 2008, $196.50 per semester hour for students who entered in Fall 2007 and $181.30 per semester hour for students who entered Fall 2006. Graduate tuition for students entering in Fall 2009 will be $249.21 per semester hour compared to $237.34 for graduate students who entered in Fall 2008.

Yearly room and board increases for entering students will be $432 more per year for double occupancy ($7,642 compared to $7,210 for Fall 2008) and $766 more per year for single occupancy ($9,716 compared to $8,950 for Fall 2008). Fees for incoming Western-Macomb students will increase by $362.10 per year for students with a 15-hour schedule per semester ($2,178.60 per year in Fall 2009 and $1,816.50 in Fall 2008). The fee schedule for new WIU-Quad Cities students with a 15-hour schedule per semester will remain the same as the Fall 2008 fees of $534.90.

"The 7.2 percent increase in all costs for undergraduate students, which is less than 2 percent per year, maintains Western's tradition of, and commitment to, access, affordability and quality. I'm pleased that of the 12 Illinois public institutions, Western is one of four in the state with the most affordable tuition and fees, while providing nationally recognized, high-quality academic programs," said WIU President Al Goldfarb. "Western remains one of the only universities in the state that includes room and board in our cost guarantee. Students entering Western this fall will not face another cost increase in tuition, fees or room and board during their continuous enrollment at WIU. "

In 1999 Western established a University Cost Guarantee program in which students entering Western are guaranteed they will pay the same rate for tuition, fees and on-campus room and board for their four years of continuous enrollment. Western's Cost Guarantee is the only public university program in Illinois that provides no increases in fees and room and board in addition to the Illinois statutory requirement of guaranteed four-year tuition rates. Western Illinois also offers the Cost Guarantee to graduate students enrolled in a degree program, as well as to transfer students earning an associate's degree. Those students who transfer to WIU the following semester upon completing their associate's degree will receive the previous year's cost guarantee rates.

In addition, the board approved granting in-state tuition and fees to students residing in Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin, beginning Fall 2009.

In addition, a $35 increase in student health insurance fees (from $294.85 to $329.94 per half year and $659.28 per full year), was approved by the Board and will go into effect Aug. 1.

Following an annual review of his performance, Western's board lauded the accomplishments and leadership of WIU President Al Goldfarb. The board will review compensation for the president at the October meeting. Goldfarb's annual salary is $270,000. During today's meeting, Goldfarb announced he will accept a final two-year contract and will retire June 30, 2011.

The board approved honorary doctorate degree recommendations for John Welty, a Western alumnus and former president of California State University in Fresno, and Frank Galati, a former student and associate director of the Goodman Theatre and professor of performance studies at Northwestern University.

The board also approved a preliminary spending plan for FY2010; approved tenure for 29 faculty members; approved naming the Hanson Field entrance plaza to The Lee Calhoun Memorial Plaza; and elected board officers for 2009-2010.

Posted By: Darcie Shinberger (
Office of University Relations