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February 9 Panel - "Revolutions: An Historical Perspective"

February 8, 2011

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MACOMB, IL – Five Western Illinois University history faculty members will present a panel discussion titled, "Revolutions: An Historical Perspective," at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 9 in Morgan Hall 101B. The event, which is open free to the public, will include time for audience questions and discussion.

"Each panelist will focus on what the different revolutions in their respective fields suggest about current revolutions occurring in the Middle East, and collectively consider the nature of political revolution and what may be the outcomes of revolutionary events that we are witnessing today," said Associate Professor Edward Woell, who will speak about the French Revolution of 1789.

Joining Woell are the following faculty and their discussion topics: Associate Professor Virginia Jelatis and the American Revolution; Associate Professor Richard Filipink and the U.S. responses to revolutions since World War II; Assistant Professor Timothy Roberts and the 1848 European Revolutions; and Assistant Professor Roberto Mazza and the historical background on the current revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

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