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Western IL Chapter of University Professionals Shows Support for Chicago Teachers Union

October 19, 2012

MACOMB, IL – The Western Illinois Chapter of the University Professionals of Illinois (Local 4100) recently provided a $1,000 donation to the Chicago Teachers Union in support of the recent Chicago teachers' strike.

In a September 25 letter to Local 4100 Chapter President John Miller, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen G.J. Lewis expressed appreciation to the Western Illinois Chapter of University Professionals of Illinois.

"On behalf of the 26,000 red-wearing members of the Chicago Teachers Union who marched in rallies, stood on strike lines and carried picket signs, thank you! We are forever grateful for your words of encouragement and acts of kindness," Lewis wrote.

For more information about the Western Illinois Chapter of University Professionals of Illinois, Local 4100, contact Miller at (309) 298-1197 or via email at

Posted By: WIU News, University Relations
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