Membership Information


What do I need to join Psi Chi?

Psi Chi is the national honor society for psychology students.  It is open to psychology students who meet the following criteria:

1) Must have completed 9 semester hours of psychology coursework or 14 quarter hours of psychology courses.

2) Must have a declared psychology major or minor and completed 3 semesters of college courses at WIU.

3) GPA Requirements: Each class has a separate minimum requirement. GPA is calculated in both psychology and cumulative. Class status will be determined using a student’s transcripts.

4) Download and fill out the Psi Chi Registration Card (pdf form)

5) Print off a copy of your WIU transcript. You can get this off of stars.

6) Submit the application materials (application form, registration form, and transcript) and a $50.00 (includes a $35.00 to the National Psi Chi office and a $15.00 fee to the WIU chapter) lifetime membership fee.  Please write checks to Psi Chi.

But what if I don't meet all of the requirements for Psi Chi?

Join Psychology Club!

Psychology club is open to any student, regardless of major, minor, GPA, or course load.

You can join Psychology Club by simply submitting an application and a $10.00 membership fee.


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