Quad Cities Campus

Child Care Resources in the Quad Cities Area

Child Care Resources in the Quad Cities Area

Things to Consider

  1. Is it near public transportation?
  2. What's the distance to campus or home?
  3. What hours does the program operate?
  4. Is theprogram a full day or can children drop in?
Child Care Resources in the Quad Cities Area

What are some tips?

  1. Check that the program is licensed by the state.
  2. Programs should promote the health and nutrition of children.
  3. Teachers should use positive speech and be loving and responsive to a child.
  4. A high-quality program should have strategies in place to attract and maintain a consistently qualified, well-trained staff and reduce staff turnover.
  5. Children in the porgram should be engaged with one another and their teachers. Listen and watch for a happy buzz of activity - neither too quiet nor too loud.
  6. Check with the program to see if an income sensitive payment option is available and how to get started.
  7. A good program will provide parents an opportunity to visit, stay a while and get a good sense of the environment.

Disclaimer: The child care resources identified above are provided as a courtesy to WIU-Quad Cities students. The university assumes no liability and no responsibility for agreements entered into between students and a third-party child care providers.

AmeriCorps Members

Current AmeriCorps Members

Getting Started

Here are a few helpful links to get you started in the process of finding the best fit for your child and family needs:

Illinois Child Care: http://childcareillinois.org
Iowa Child Care: http://www.iacommunityaction.org/program.php

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Western Illinois University-Quad Cities and WQPT partner with Americorps for the "Ready to Learn" Program

Western Illinois University has a wonderful commitment to our friends and community in terms of education. WIU-QC and WQPT have a grant funded position which works with AmeriCorps to foster an opportunity for our students to reach out into ints community and help educate our young minds of tomorrow. The grant will be used to fund a program through which WIU-QC students will serve as AmeriCorps volunteers, who will follow PBS's "Ready to Learn" model. The volunteers will work closely with local teachers to advance the community's goal of increasing local elementary and secondary school retention and graduation rates.

Each AmeriCorps emember is focused on expanding and improving literacy skills for children at risk for failure, as well as under-served young children in the Quad Cities area. The 15-member team each reads stories to the children and plans simple activities expanding on the theme of the book.

"The WIU-QC/WQPT AmeriCorps members are creating lasting memories and empowering the children to achieve success in life," noted Scott Brouette, WIU-QC Assistant Director of Student Services.

The AmerCorps Early Childhood Literacy Program at WQPT/WIU-QC is seeking local Illinois Early Childhood Programs for placement of AmeriCorps volunteers who will be implementing the PBS "Ready to Learn" program, as well as other stategies, to promote greater literacy skills for early childhood students. If your early childhood program is interesed in hosting AmeriCorps volunteers, contact Scott Brouette via email at S-Brouette@wiu.edu.