Quad Cities Campus

Welcome WIU-Quad Cities Students

Students at WIU-Quad Cities

Now that you have been accepted to Western, we want to continue to make the process a simple one for you. When you received your acceptance letter, you also received a Welcome Packet full of information on everything you need to do to be ready to attend Western. Please go over this information and call or email us if you have any questions: (309)762-1988 or e-mail CM-Williams11@wiu.edu.

Accepted Student Checklist Visit our accepted students section for information on setting up students accounts, advising appointments, and other first step information.

Student Payment Options

Payment is due on the 28th of each month. Tuition and fees for the fall term are billed in August, charges for the spring term are billed in January, and charges for the summer term are billed in June.

List of Student Payment Options

Immunization Requirements

WIU-Quad Cities campus does not require immunization records of our students and is exempt from the IL law because of our non-residential college status.

Student Health Insurance

WIU-Quad Cities students are not required to have student health insurance and may select to opt out.

Concealed Carry Notice

Notice to students, parents and employees of Western Illinois University.

Concealed carry legislation has passed in Illinois and Western Illinois University Board of Trustees has approved a policy regulating the possession of weapons on campus. This policy can be viewed at http://www.wiu.edu/vpas/policies/concealedcarry.php In accordance with this policy, members of the WIU community are prohibited from possessing firearms or weapons on property owned, leased or controlled by WIU, even if that person has a valid federal or state license to possess a weapon. For anyone possessing a Concealed Carry Permit, a firearm may be carried within a vehicle into a parking area if the firearm and its ammunition remain locked out of plain view within the parked vehicle. A firearm may be stored in a case within a locked vehicle or locked container out of plain view within the vehicle in the parking area. The firearm may only be removed for the limited purpose of storing or retrieving the firearm from the trunk of the vehicle. A firearm must first be unloaded before removing it from the vehicle.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Western Illinois University Office of Public Safety at 309-298-1949.