Quad Cities Campus

WQPT - Quad Cities Public Television

Mary Pruess, Director, WQPT

Mary Pruess

Director, WQPT

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65022
Email: M-Pruess@wiu.edu

 Marketing and Local Content

Lora Adams

Director, Marketing and Local Content

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65029
Email: LJ-Adams@wiu.edu

 Amanda Bergeson, Office Support Associate

Amanda Bergeson

Office Support Associate

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65024
Email: AM-Bergeson@wiu.edu

Beatriz Brasel, Publicity-Promotion Specialist

Beatriz Brasel

Publicity-Promotion Specialist

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65031
Email: BE-Brasel@wiu.edu

Scott Brouette, Assistant Director Quad Cities Student Services

Scott Brouette

Assistant Director Quad Cities Student Affairs

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 62305
Email: S-Brouette@wiu.edu

Michael Carton, WQPT

Michael Carton


Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65026
Email: MT-Carton@wiu.edu

Richard Diamond, Television Traffic and Continuity Supervisor

Richard Diamond

Television Traffic and Continuity Supervisor

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65019
Email: RL-Diamond@wiu.edu

Candace Eastman, Assistant Director, Development

Candace Eastman

Assistant Director, Development

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65023
Email: CJ-Eastman@wiu.edu

Jamie Lange, Director, Development

Jamie Lange

Director, Development

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65030
Email: JL-Lange2@wiu.edu

Jerry Myers, Television Program/Operations Coordinator

Jerry Myers

Television Program/Operations Coordinator

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65025
Email: JM-Myers2@wiu.edu

Chris Ryder, Videographer

Chris Ryder


Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65015
Email: CJ-Ryder@wiu.edu

Dawn Schmitt, Administrative Assistant I

Dawn Schmitt

Administrative Assistant I

Office Phone: (309)764-2400 Ext. 65032
Email: DD-Schmitt@wiu.edu

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