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How Can We Make Manufacturing "Enticing"?  

By Creating a Mindset of Passion and Purpose Throughout the Whole Organization

In his research on motivation, William James of Harvard found that hourly employees could maintain their jobs, that is, not be fired, by working at approximately 20 to 30 percent of their ability. His study also showed that highly motivated employees work at close to 80 to 90 percent of their abilities. At what level are your employees working?

According to a recent study, engaged employees have productivity rates that are 70% higher than those who are not; they enjoy a 78% higher safety record; 70% lower turnover; 86% high customer satisfaction; and their companies are 44% more profitable. Can you just imagine the competitive advantage that an engaged workforce can have on your own organization?

Karin's message in this full-day workshop is game changing. She is determined to inspire anyone who has the willingness to overcome functional blindness to see the opportunities. The need for a new tool set, a new skill set and a whole new way of thinking will become obvious to those who attend. Everyone has the capacity to create positive change within their immediate circle of influence. But fixing the problem requires acknowledging that a problem exists. Karin addresses the problem of employee engagement head on. She challenges those who want positive change to see how they can have a huge impact by recognizing and applying the numerous opportunities that exist.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for people who have said, "Enough is enough!".  After struggling for years to unlock the potential of their workforce, they want to find ways to not only retain their employees but to inspire them to make positive changes in their organization.  Attendees will be inspired by Karin's motivational message and return to their workplace with new tools and techniques to improve the performance of their operation.

Key Awareness Objectives
  • Recognize that the shift from the industrialized age to the age of the knowledge worker requires new approaches.
  • Discover the secret of how to release the untapped skills within your workforce.
  • Acquire insightful ways to engage younger workers.
  • Explore the skills that will be the foundation of manufacturing's future.
  • Learn what it takes to transition from mediocrity to excellence.


Karin Lindner

Founder and Owner of Karico Performance Solutions, Human Performance Specialist.

Karico Performance Solutions Website

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“Karin’s presentation “How To Make Manufacturing Sexy”, was a huge success in Windsor. Her enthusiasm and inspirational message were a hit with the audience. Karin’s passion and energy are contagious and I am positive future audiences will enjoy her talk’s on this and any subject she chooses, as much as I did!”
Colin Docherty – VP at Clinton Aluminum

“If ever given the chance to see Karin’s presentation on “How To Make Manufacuting Sexy”, do it! Her bubbly enthusiasm and passion shines through in an inspirational message on how to help change the mindset of the manufacturing community and the public in general in working towards getting our youth and young adults interested in manufacturing as a desired career choice.”
Jeff Lambing – Cost Estimating Software Sales Specialist at JDL Technical Services

“As the featured speaker (How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy?) Karin brought many important facts to the forefront as regards the current views on manufacturing in North America as compared to those of the European and Asian views. I believe that Karin is on the right track with this program and if our Canadian manufacturers & employees choose to participate in her vision, those companies can realize improved production (and profits) as well as retain a ‘willing to do’ employee base that would be proud to say they work for ‘X’ company. We will be adopting many of her ideas as time progresses.”
Cliff Black – General Manager at Spartan Sling Mfg. Inc

“I recently had the pleasure to hear Karin Lindner speak. It was, without a doubt, one of the most inspiring and motivational talks I have attended in many years. She was well researched and spoke straight to where we as an industry live. Karin has a way of getting into important and sensitive areas with the skill of an experienced educator. No one left the room while Karin held the floor. She had us all at “Hello my name is Karin Lindner.”
Terry Bachmeier – Sales Manager at Rubig Engineering

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Date and Time

Friday, February 22, 2013





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