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WIU-QC is just as I hoped, a small school providing a large education. - Curtis Johnson, Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Your Freshman Experience at WIU-Quad Cities

Now you can be one of the first freshmen at WIU-Quad Cities!

Last year, WIU-Quad Cities marked history by having the first ever freshman class.  This group of students enrolled full-time on our campus changing the "transfer only" nature of WIU-Quad Cities.

Pick the pathway that is best for you:

Freshman Honors Cohort - qualified students can take all of their general education requirements at WIU-Quad Cities.

Linkages Program - qualified students take courses at WIU and courses with a partnering community college for freshman and sophomore years.

WIU-Quad Cities Riverfront Campus

Freshman classes are located at the new, state-of-the art Riverfront Campus.