Quad Cities Campus

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are displayed below. All students that reside in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin on the Quad Cities Campus will pay Illinois in-state tuition and there is no requirement to establish Illinois residency.

Reduced University fees

The Board of Trustees has approved a 25% reduction in student activity, athletic, health center, publications, transit and computer fees for students registered Fall/Spring semester for 9 or more hours (Summer session for 6 or more hours) of student teaching, internship or overseas experience. These reductions are for the academic term in which the student completes the student teaching, internship or overseas experience. The preceding information reflects the full fee rates.

Student Cost Guarantee

Transfer students who earn an associate’s degree and transfer to WIU the following semester will receive the previous year’s cost guarantee rates. Western was the first university in the state to offer this guarantee, and the only university in the state to include fees and room and board in that guarantee.

Western Illinois University also offers guaranteed tuition and fees for graduate students. Students eligible for the graduate cost guarantee must meet the following:

    1. Must be enrolled in a graduate degree program (unclassified graduate students will not be eligible);

    1. The guarantee will be for four consecutive years. If the student has not finished the degree program within four years, the rate will be advanced by two years and will continue for another two years;

    1. If the student becomes unclassified during the guarantee program, he/she will be moved to the current rates and will not be covered by the guarantee until enrolled in a degree program;

  1. The guarantee will cover per-hour tuition rate, per-hour University fee rate, and room and board.


To locate your guaranteed costs, find your plan on This link will open in a new browser window WIU's tuition website.

This link will open in a new browser window How to Use Your GI Bill    This link will open in a new browser window Resource Guide for Veterans (PDF)    This link will open in a new browser window The Veterans Resource Center

Financial Assistance

All WIU-QC students, whether from Illinois, Iowa, or beyond, pay Western's reasonable in-state tuition rates. Information and resources about financial aid and scholarships are available to all students to help meet their educational goals. More than 75 percent of WIU students receive some kind of financial aid, so it is worth your while to explore your financial aid opportunities. Here is a road map to get you started.

File for Federal Student Aid

Everyone should go online and fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid: This link will open in a new browser window www.fafsa.ed.gov. Many other scholarships, grants and loans are based on the federal government's calculations from this form.

Search for Scholarships or Grants

Scholarships and grants are basically gifts which you don't have to pay back. However, they are often awarded based on financial need or on some type of merit. The trick is to figure out what you're skilled at, and seek out scholarships that find merit in that particular skill. In addition, scholarships and grants may also be awarded based on the career that you are pursuing (for instance teaching or science). Lastly, your local community, associations and organizations may award scholarships because you happen to live in their geographical area.

Financial Aid Contact Information

Contact the WIU-QC Financial Aid Advisor below with your questions about eligibility, scholarship search, loan request processing and other opportunities for educational funding.

Curtis Williams
Western Illinois University - Quad Cities
3300 River Drive
Moline, IL 61265
Email: CM-Williams11@wiu.edu
Phone: 309.762.9080

You may also want to refer to the This link will open in a new browser window WIU-Macomb Campus Financial Aid Office for further information.

Scholarship Search Web Sites:

WIU-QC Campus Scholarships:

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