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National Clearinghouse for Commuter Programs

WIU-Quad Cities

National Clearinghouse for Commuter Programs The National Clearinghouse for Commuter Programs is the only national organization that exists solely to provide information, consultation, and assistance to professionals who work for, with, and on behalf of commuter students. The NCCP was established in 1972 by the University of Maryland, moved to Northeastern State University-Broken Arrow, and now resides in Moline, Illinois at Western Illinois University - Quad Cities.

NCCP offers professional assistance in meeting the challenges of working with commuter students in all types of colleges and universities. We offer personalized service to each member to proactively distribute publications, personal responses to questions, access to extensive resource files, and opportunities to network with other professionals with similar interests.

**Learning About Commuter Students: Resources Within Reach (10th Edition) now available online**