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RN to BSN Degree Completion

Program of Study

The School of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree for pre-licensure students and those students who are licensed to practice professional nursing (RN). Students must complete Pre-Nursing before applying to the School of Nursing. The RN-BSN degree completion program is available.

The nurse is a healthcare provider who is skilled in the care and nurturing of healthy and ill people. The American Nurses Association provides the following definition of nursing: “Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities; prevention of illness and injury; alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human responses; and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations” (American Nurses Association [2003], Nursing’s Social Policy Statement [2nd ed.], p. 6).

The baccalaureate generalist nurse is well-grounded in the arts, science, and humanities; exercises appropriate clinical judgment; understands the reasoning behind policies and standards of professional nursing practice; and accepts responsibility for continued development of the self and the discipline of nursing. Nurses are independent care providers licensed by the State of Illinois as Registered Nurses.


Faculty members are dedicated educators, skilled in fostering active student participation. They are active scholars engaged in numerous activities to promote the profession and practice of nursing. Faculty offer a range of competencies and provide excellent scope for students with different inclinations and talents. At the present time, there is one faculty member for every six students, and students are assigned faculty mentors.


Three scholarships are available for Nursing majors. The Dorothy R. “Dode” Hanson Scholarship is available to undergraduates admitted to the School of Nursing and is based on grade point average (GPA). The Bertha Fink Scholarship is available to undergraduates admitted to the School of Nursing and is based on need; it is primarily for RNs returning for their degrees. The Norman and Carmelita Teeter Scholarship is available to undergraduates admitted to the School of Nursing and is based on need. Detailed information on these scholarships is available from the School of Nursing, (309) 298-2571; the Scholarship office, (309) 298-2001; or on the Web at wiu.edu/Scholarship.

For More Information

For admissions process and general program information, contact Western Illinois University–Quad Cities at (309) 762-9481. For specific program questions, contact our Advising Center at (309) 762-1988.


Nursing Resource Centers (NRC)

Nursing students can learn and practice nursing, health, and physical assessment skills in the NRC using patient simulators. Faculty supervision is available to teach those skills and assist during practice.

Clinical Opportunities

Nursing majors will have the opportunity to practice nursing in a variety of healthcare settings with a variety of clients. Students practice in real-life settings with faculty supervision.

After College

There is a severe shortage of nurses in the United States and worldwide. The demand for more and better health care is greater now than any time in the past. There is a growing global nurse labor market that will continue to grow. Graduates can anticipate employment in a number of positions locally, in the state, and nationwide. For those who have fluency in another language, there is the possibility of employment abroad. For those interested in the military, the Air Force, Army, and Navy have excellent programs for nurses.

Graduate school allows nurses to practice at an advanced level, for example, as nurse practitioners, nurse educators, or nurse administrators.