Quad Cities Campus

FAQ on WIU QC Classroom Usage

Dell Desktop usage:

Our Dell Desktops are running on Microsoft Windows 10 and having Microsoft Office 2019 installed. If you are associated with WIU then you can use your ecom username and password to login to them. If you are not associated with WIU then you can find login information located on the teaching podium.

Laptop Usage:

Our Riverfront Hall rooms offer VGA and headphone connectors to plug into our room systems. Our Quad Cities Complex rooms offer HDMI and VGA and headphone connectors to plug into our room systems. WIU is not able to offer tech support for NON-WIU owned equipment, and you might need to make changes/updates to your wireless settings to connect to the internet or your graphic and sound settings to use our room A/V systems.

Wireless Internet:

All our rooms are offering Wireless Internet, see this page for more info:

Audio/Video adapters:

WIU does not provide additional Audio/Video adapters. If your laptop is not compatible with our provided Laptop connector then you would need to provide your own adapters.

Current video adaptors: Quad Cities Complex are VGA, HDMI and Riverfront Hall is VGA.

Please note - if you are planning on showing a powerpoint presentation, it is recommended you bring the presentation on a thumb drive.

Power adapters:

Power adapters are the responsibility of the user(s). WIU does not provide any kind of power adapter for your devices.

Wireless presenters/clickers:

WIU equipment is USB capable for outside entities to bring in their own presenters and clickers. WIU does not provide this equipment.


Printing services are reserved for faculty, staff and registered students.

Extension Cords:

WIU does not supply extension cords.

Contact Information:

To contact tech support, use the classroom phone located near the teacher's station. Dial the support center by using the QC Tech Helpdesk button or dial 82704.

Technical Problems:

If there are any technical problems, please use the phone in the room and push the button next to QC Tech Helpdesk to start a support ticket for the problem. Or dial 82704.


If there is any emergency, please use the phone in the room and push the button next to WIU-QC Security and let them know about it or dial 62298.

Contact Information

Thomas Oliver Rosner: TO-Rosner@wiu.edu