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Doris and Victor Day Foundation - Quad Cities
The Doris and Victor Day Foundation

Doris and Victor Day Foundation began its operations as a Grantmaking Foundation in 1987 with $10 million being bequeathed from the estate of Doris Dammann Day. The Days loved the community in which they lived and where their business, Bear Manufacturing, was headquartered and grew to become a leader in automotive safety. They established the Foundation for the betterment of their community. It was Doris Dammann Day’s hope that Rock Island would “be a better place” for future generations.

Rauch Family Foundation I
Rauch Family Foundation I

The Rauch brothers remembered how the community, especially the American Federation of Labor Construction Workers, came to the aid of the Rauch family whose husband and father was a paraplegic. Albert and Lester remembered how the family managed to pull through the Great Depression because the union members constructed a storefront—and the means for the family’s livelihood—onto the front of their Rock Island Home. In later years, that remembrance took the form of plans to establish a family foundation that would help others in their community. Al and Les Rauch were graduated from St. Ambrose University, majoring in science. For many years, Les was director of food services at St. Anthony’s Hospital and Franciscan Medical Center. He died in 1987 and bequeathed his assets to his brother. After college graduation, Al went to work at Deere & Company as a chemist, working as a senior scientist for 48 years. These modest and unassuming brothers have remembered the gifts of their neighbors and friends with their own generous gifts to future generations.

Illinois Women's Institute for Leadership
Illinois Women's Institute for Leadership (IWIL)

The Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership for over a dozen years has been successfully preparing and propelling women to take on elected and appointed positions.

IWIL is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit that selects twelve Illinois women every year to participate in an eight month fellowship. The fellowship provides the skills to run winning campaigns for elected office. The skills developed during the fellowship include leadership development, advanced fundraising techniques, public speaking, media & communications training, digital media strategy and voter contact training. IWIL also provides extensive opportunities for networking and learning directly from industry experts and leaders.