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The EDGE is a student run publication that lives online. It is meant to a be a way for the student body to express themselves, practice their skills in whatever form of writing they choose and as a representation of the diversity and varied interests of students attending WIU-QC. We are always looking for more pieces and writers. Just some of the categories represented are:

  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry
  • Opinion Articles
  • News Articles
  • Student Organization Press Release
  • Professor/Student Profile
  • Artwork
  • Essays/Papers
  • Community Engagement Stories

We welcome all submissions, even if they do not fit a particular category as creativity doesn’t need labels!

Submission Guidelines (coming soon)

Submit work to: theedge@wiu.edu

You can be a part of the EDGE team too!
  • Editor
  • Business Manager
  • Technology Manager
  • Photographer
  • Writers/Reporters

Talent Grants are available to weekly or bi-weekly writers as well as other official positions on the EDGE team.

Must be registered as full time students to be eligible:
Undergraduate- 12 credit hours
Graduate- 9 credit hours

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