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Marketplace Global Simulation Competition

Engage Your Major!

Building your resume is critical to obtaining that perfect job. Whether you are just starting to build your resume or looking for that “icing on the cake,” we have the perfect opportunity for you. The Department of Management and Marketing is recruiting students (undergraduate or graduate) who are majoring in Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, or Supply Chain Management to participate in Marketplace Global Competition.

The Situation

Working in teams of 3 to 4, students will compete against teams from around the world in a simulated business competition. Through the simulation, each team of students will start an international electronics firm. Their firm will be responsible for introducing a new line of microcomputers into the world market. All competitors will start with exactly the same resources and knowledge of the market. The students will be responsible for marketing, manufacturing, human resources, finance, and accounting. The Competition provides participants with a realistic experience in managing a business division or an entire international firm.

Act NOW!

The Marketplace Global Competition boasts a diverse mixture of teams from universities and corporations around the world. The simulation competition is entirely web-based, and occurs in two stages. The first stage occurs from Feb. 6th through March 6th, with four decision-rounds (one per week), each requiring a minimum of 1-1/2 hour, and will be against the computer. The top eight teams from the first round will advance to the final round, which will be six weeks, occurring from March 13th through April 24th. This timing is helpful since it will not interfere with semester final exams. An overview of the business fundamentals simulation (the first round) is available at

How Much?

The Department of Management and Marketing will provide all funding for two teams of students (maximum of 4 students per team). This is an extra-curricular activity and you will earn no course credit for participating. However, your participation is an excellent resume-building opportunity. WIU has competed previously, and in 2006, boasted a 1st place in the first round competition (national level). That team went on to place 2nd globally.

For additional information on the competition and what is involved, please visit Marketplace Multi-Language Global Competition. The teams will be advised by Dr. Emeric Solymossy (

How Do I Apply for this Opportunity & Am I Eligible?

We have a narrow window of time for assembling and familiarizing students with the competition. The Department of Management and Marketing would like to field teams with diverse backgrounds in terms of year in school majors. If you have declared Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, or Supply Chain Management as your major, you are eligible for consideration.

Please respond quickly to Dr. Solymossy ( with your interest. In your response, please respond to three questions:

    1. Why you want to participate?
    2. What knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes you will contribute to the team?
    3. Your availability and willingness to commit to investing the time to understand the simulation and to communicate with your team members.

Best of Luck!