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Adam Norris (B.A. English, '19); MFA Student & Graduate Assistant, Sam Houston State University, Texas; Professional Writing Tutor

May 1, 2020

Adam Norris

"During my time as an English major at WIU-QC, I developed a strong skillset in not only writing essays, but also peer reviewing the work of my fellow classmates. My excellent professors instilled and reinforced within me the ability to craft a focused thesis statement, thoroughly argue my claim, and appropriately support my argument with a firm sense for sentence structure, grammar, organization, and format. Now that I have graduated, I use these same skills as an Essay Writing Tutor for Tutor.com, assisting students in schools all over the country from the comfort of my home, and it all started with my experience at WIU-QC."

~Adam Norris

"Since writing this mini-biography a few months ago, Adam applied for and has been accepted to the Sam Houston State University (Texas) MFA in Creative Writing, Editing, & Publishing Program for Fall 2020. He also won funding as a graduate assistant and looks forward to furthering his writing career through graduate work.

How did this happen? This excerpt from my recommendation letter sheds some light:

‘[Adam] is among the most authentic, unpretending students I have had the pleasure of teaching. That doesn’t mean he’s unprofessional, unfiltered, or that he wears his heart on his sleeve, but that he brings his real feelings to class and office-hours discussions alike, and he cultivates genuine, productive disagreements with his classmates rather than simply nodding along. This is a trait that has flowered over time: while I remember him being a somewhat shy student who was unlikely to speak up extensively just a couple years earlier, he was among his cohort’s most confident, articulate contributors by the time he finished his degree.’

It’s this kind of growth that my colleagues and I find so rewarding to cultivate. If you’ve read this far and are thinking about further studies yourself or for someone you love, give us a look. You might be surprised at what’s possible so close to home—and without taking on levels of debt that hampers future steps, like moving to Texas!”

~Everett Hamner, Professor of English

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