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Cost Guarantee

Since Summer 1999, Western Illinois University has offered a cost guarantee (no cost increases) for tuition and fees for each new class of entering students. The guaranteed rates remain in effect for four years if students maintain continuous (fall and spring) enrollment. Incoming students in a degree program that requires more than four years to complete will benefit from the guaranteed rate until the expected time of degree completion.

Find Your Guaranteed Cost Plan

Beginning Summer 2008, students who earn an Associate's degree and immediately transfer to Western are given a one-plan reduction. For example, earn an Associate's degree in spring 2008 and start at Western in fall 2008, pay the reduced academic year 2007-2008 tuition and fees for four years, guaranteed. There are also no fees charged to students for classes that meet on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

To locate your guaranteed costs, find your plan on WIU's tuition website. The current guarantee plan (Plan M) covers undergraduate students who began attending WIU Fall 2011, Spring 2012 or Summer 2012 and are continuously enrolled for four years.