Office of the Registrar

9. Security

Use of ECom or MVS/WIUP

Do not grant others access to student information by allowing them to use your account information.

Your WIU ID number, usernames and passwords are your electronic identification. The policy on "Security of Western Illinois University's Information" and the "Password Policy" explicitly forbids sharing it.

Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts and all activity occurring under those accounts.

Even if you believe someone has a legitimate reason to access student data, that person must be authorized through appropriate University channels. You are responsible for any misuse of data that takes place through use of your accounts. Always protect your electronic identity.

Protect Stored Data

You are responsible for making sure that student data in your possession is secured.

Take measures to protect against unauthorized access to student data stored on a personal computer, a disk, a network, or any other storage media.

These measures can help you protect student data from unauthorized access:

  • Use password protection on computer files
  • Keep storage media in a secure, locked location
  • Restrict access to your computer
  • Never leave student data displayed on your computer screen
  • When you have finished a computer task involving student data, exit all files, sign off all applications, and close all application windows
  • Shred printed material that contains sensitive or restricted data

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