Through the efforts of the Outreach unit, community residents and professionals from here and around the world can benefit from the expertise of our faculty and staff. You do not need to be a regular student at Western Illinois University to benefit from our academic programs.

WIU is committed to serve and build a better and sustainable future. This is a service that our Outreach staff provides by helping academic units engage with stakeholders interested in addressing community concerns and opportunities for professional development.

The Outreach initiatives we develop benefit people from all ages, professionals from different disciplines and from different nations. Those initiatives are organized and tailored after the needs and expectations of the community

Please contact our office at (309) 298-1911 to see what Western Illinois University can offer you.



 Study Abroad and Outreach is now taking registrations for New York City Community Theatre and New Orleans Jazz trips. Click here to find out more! Deadline to apply is approaching !!