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Global Ambassadors

Global Ambassadors are returned study abroad and international students who volunteer with the Office of Study Abroad and Outreach to share their experiences with WIU students and encourage participation in international experiences.

Students participating in this program will gain valuable experience in marketing, presenting, and collaborating with office staff to promote study abroad initiatives. GA’s will commit 1-3 hours per week to the Office of Study Abroad and Outreach.


  • Develop and enhance skills in public speaking, marketing, and advising
  • Increase problem solving abilities
  • Enhance leadership, teamwork, and communication skills
  • Build relationships with office staff while heightening your awareness of how a professional office functions
  • Obtain hands-on training and experience in the field of International Education
  • Gain concrete experience to put on your resume


  • Organize and facilitate presentations to classrooms, student groups, and residence halls
  • Advise and mentor students regarding study abroad opportunities
  • Assist the office in marketing study abroad across campus

Our current global ambassadorS
Alex Sanchez Bio

  • Name: Alex Sanchez


        Country travelled: Costa Rica

" My name is Alex Sanchez and I studied abroad in Costa Rica this past summer. I was able to experience something that will forever remain in my heart. Before I studied abroad in Costa Rica, I didn’t know what to expect. Once I arrived with my group, it was a huge relief to finally be there with great company. The university, the professors, and my host family were all so welcoming. I was able to meet new people around the world and that was one of my favorite moments abroad. While I was chasing nature, I found myself being completely captivated by Mother Nature. Costa Rica’s views are breathtaking. I am extremely grateful to have experience a piece of my life in beautiful Costa Rica."

                                                                                        ~Life is better with Pura vida~

  • Name: Stephanie Morovis Montoya Stephanie Bio Pic


        Country travelled: England

" My name is Stephanie Morovis Montoya and I am a LEJA senior. I was one of 20 students to go on the first Harry Potter Study Abroad program last year. It was the best experience of my life and I will never regret going. In my spare time, I am involved in Inter-Hall Council and my hobbies include Netflix, SFX makeup, and Supernatural."


  • Name: Devin Johson Devin Bio


        Country travelled: China

" My name is Devin Johson. I am a senior business major here at WIU. I studied abroad in Shanghai at East China Normal University during the Fall '14 semester (16 weeks). In addition, I traveled the Asian continent, ate lots of food, met tons of cool people, and had an experience that I will never forget! I would love to share my experience with you so feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions. "


  • Name: Bradley Murray Bradley Bio Pic


        Country travelled: Costa Rica

" My name is Bradley Murray and I am currently a Junior here at WIU.My major is LEJA and I minor in spanish. I studied abroad in Costa Rica at Veritas Universidad. I spent all spring 2016 semester there and it was the best experience I ever had.I love sharing my experience abroad so email me if you have any questions! "


  • Name: Brooke Costigan  Brooke Bio


        Country: New Zealand

" My name is Brooke and I'm a senior political science major here at WIU. I studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand, for the Spring 2016 semester. While in New Zealand, I had the chance to volunteer at a local zoo, visit hot springs and Hobbiton, and also study politics from the New Zealand perspective. I look forward to being able to answer any questions students may have about studying abroad, and especially helping those students looking to study abroad in New Zealand. I am always open to having a coffee at Einstein's and a friendly chat with anyone interested!"


  • Name: Stuart Bartlett Stuart Bralett BIO

        Email Id:

        Country: Bhutan

"My name is Stuart Bartlett and I am a senior Environmental Biology undergrad.  I participated in the School for Field Studies Summer program in Bhutan, researching Himalayan forest ecology and rural livelihoods.  Living and studying within a country which is deeply rooted in ancient Buddhist traditions yet is rapidly developing into a modern global economy; whose government has placed the happiness of its citizens and the welfare of its natural environment as its prime tenets; and which currently represents one of the major biodiversity hotspots in the world has shaken my perspectives on local and global affairs in profound ways.  I hope to be of assistance to anyone who is interested in studying abroad, particularly those interested in East Asia and/or any of the intersectional disciplines regarding international politics/social issues and the environment, as well as what benefits and challenges can be involved with studying abroad in general."


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