Office of Study Abroad and Outreach

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Academic Advisors

There are many exciting opportunities to learn abroad. Academic Advisors can make students aware of these academic opportunities by:

  • Encourage them to study abroad and visit Study Abroad website
  • Share with them that studying abroad does not need to be expensive and that in many cases in can be cost effective.
  • Let them know that there are scholarships available
  • Explain that many of the available options match the academic requirements of their majors.
  • Tell them that the contact our staff at Office of Study Abroad and Outreach at their convenience.


  • Study Abroad Initiatives: Long and Short Term
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Marketing material. Flyers describing study abroad experiences relevant to specific majors are available.
  • Study Abroad Fairs. Twice a year (Fall and Spring), fairs are organized to help students learn about studying abroad. Students will also learn about scholarships and financial aid.
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