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Prof. Gloria Delany Barmann

Department of Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies
Horrabin Hall 115C
(309) 298-1183

Dr. Gloria Delany-Barmann, a professor in the Department of Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies, is spending the following four months (February - May, 2018) in Uruguay as a Fulbright Scholar. During that time, she will do research seeking  “… to describe, interpret, and explain some of the successes and challenges of preparing teachers to carry out the call for a plurilingual society.” Her goal is “to examine whether and how the language policy in Uruguay has helped to foster plurilingualism within the context of teacher preparation and in classrooms.” To achieve this goal she will interview teachers and administrators, conduct focus groups and collect data while participating in training activities.

This is the second time she benefits of this award. The first time she traveled to Bolivia to study Bilingual Education Training.

Additionally, Gloria is working in collaboration with Dr. Heather McIlvaine-Newsad in a faculty led initiative for the summer of 2018. This initiative, Puerto Rico Se Levanta, will take a group of students to learn about education and disaster relief by interacting with families in that island.

Dr. Delany-Barmann is the leader of a Title VI initiative that is taking students and faculty to Puerto Rico and Ecuador. This project is being co-coordinated to Dr. McIlvaine-Newsad and Dr. Pedro Bidegaray.