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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Studying abroad is affordable. Scholarships and grants for studying abroad are available at the local, regional, and national levels. Opportunities vary based upon destination, academic standing, and major.

We assist students in the application process. Contact us to initiate the application process once you are ready to begin.

If you are close to graduating or a graduate student interested in study abroad options, view the financial aid for Grads and Post Grads.

Financial Aid:

Financial aid to study abroad is available for eligible students - in fact, most financial aid programs available for on-campus study applies if you want to study in other countries. Check here for more information on financial aid.  

Scholarships and Grants

Eligibility for some scholarships is based on program length, academic performance, and the number of academic credits students will receive on their programs. Review the scholarship opportunities here , then contact us to initiate your scholarship applications.

Special financial opportunities exist for  Graduate Students. 

Comparing Costs

Going abroad does not need to be expensive. Through WIU exchange agreements and partners abroad, students can study abroad paying similar tuition as at WIU. Check some  examples of cost comparisons  and descriptions of specific  programs.



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