Office of Study Abroad and Outreach

 Universidad Veritas


Program Details
Location(s)  San Jose, Costa Rica
Term   Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Academic Year, Summer
Credit   Spanish, Biology, Environmental Science, Art, Photography, Business, Political Science, Psychology, Sustainable Studies
Classes Held  On-site
Housing   Host Family
Passport Required       
Program Eligibility
GPA 2.5
Grad credit Not Available
Non-WIU   No
Pre-requisite None
Student Year Sophomore, Junior, Senior

About the Program

General: Universidad Veritas is located in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. This is an affordable program that is excellent for any students interested in improving their Spanish language skills.

Semester Programs: Students can participate in a semester or academic year program at Veritas where they will have opportunities to take Spanish language alongside coursework in English in a variety of disciplines.  

Summer Program: Veritas offers two summer sessions. Each session is 4 weeks and students take one 5-credit intensive Spanish course. It is possible to participate in both summer sessions for a total of 8 weeks. More information about the summer program can be found on their website

Housing and Meals: All students participating in the program live with host families. More information is available on the accommodation website

Entry Requirements: Students participating in a summer program do not need a visa for a stay of up to 90 days. Students participating in a semester program will apply for their visa after they arrive in Costa Rica. All students must enter Costa Rica with a return plane ticket to avoid paying a fine on entry.will apply for the visa after arrival in Costa Rica. More information on visa requirements can be found on the Costa Rican Embassy website.

Health Insurance: It is a university policy that all WIU students who study abroad are either covered under WIU student health insurance OR have purchased the Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plan through IMG.

Costs (Comparative Table)

Semester Programs
Tuition 12 semester hours, plan Q 4,603.44 3,345.00
Application Fee   75.00
International Required Insurance   200.00
Passport   170.00
Housing and Meals 4,790.00 2,500.00
Student visa   170.00
Books and Supplies 400.00 200.00
Total 9,793.44 6,660.00*

  *Students will arrange their own airfare. 

Summer Programs
Tuition 6 semester hours, plan Q 2,288.04  1,645.00
Application Fee   75.00
International Required Insurance   50.00
Passport   170.00
Housing and Meals 1,260.00 650.00 
Books and Supplies  200.00 164.00 
Total  3,748.04 2,754.00 *

*Students will arrange their own airfare. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships are available.  

Semester Dates

Fall: Late August-Mid December

Spring: Early January - Early May

Summer: Two sessions:

  • June
  • July

You can find out more information about Universidad Veritas by visiting their website.


Students can take intensive Spanish language classes as well as coursework in English. The intensive Spanish courses are taught in month-long sessions, allowing students to take several courses in one semester. Students can find more information about the courses offered on the Veritas website


Contact US:

Sarah Looman 
Horrabin Room 8
Tel: 309-298-2504