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Students in Biology have a wide variety of opportunities to participate in programs abroad. Various study abroad programs, internships and research opportunities are listed below:

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Fall and Spring
Australia: James Cook University

jamescook James Cook University (JCU)  is the second oldest university in  Queensland,  Australia. JCU  is a teaching and research institution. The University's main campuses  are located in the  tropical cities of Cairns and Townsville

  Popular courses offered:

  •  Great Barrier Reef Marine Biology: JCU pioneered the study of Marine Biology in Australia and the University is renowed as a world leader in tropical Marine Biology. 
  • Biochemistry/Molecular Biology: JCU is internationally recognised as a leader in biochemistry and molecular biology. JCU has excellent lab facilities and regular program of visiting lecturers which makes students up-to-date with the latest findings.

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School for Field Studies 

School For Field Studies The School for Field Studies (SFS) was founded in 1980 with the belief that the stewardship of our planet  required  a new generation of environmental leaders. Today, SFS is known as the premier environmental study abroad  program.

Popular courses offered:

  • Tropical IslandsBIOL 477 - Research Experience in Biology
  • Panama, Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies: Few places on Earth can claim the density of species and ecosystem richness of this isthmus. Our modern economy is endagering this diversity. Study this situation in Panama and learn about alternatives while interacting with  indigenous people. 
  • Wild Life in TanzaniaTanzania, Wildlife Management Studies:  Through a long-term research plan, students participate in evaluating and promoting the management of wildlife, which contributes to longstanding conservation efforts, promotes local communities livelihood, and helps reduce conflict between humans and wildlife.

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Internships And Service Learning Programs

Biology students can gain practical experience in several countries throughout the world.  Programs are of different length.  Deadlines are EARLY! Summer deadlines can be as early as February 1st.

 Check the following options: 

Shangai China, Shangai First People's Hospital: It is a leading comprehensive hospital that integrates clinical performance, medical teaching and scientific research. The intern will shadow doctors and nurses in the International Medical Care Center, cardiology department, general surgery department, as well assisting with tasks in the Division of International Cooperation and Exchange.

Green Molecular Valencia (Spain), Green Molecular: Green Molecular is a spin-off company promoted by CRB Inverbio and the University of Valencia. They are focused on discovering and developing natural polyphenols. The intern will collaborate in experimental research (Molecular Oncology). 

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EuroScholars Program  

EuroScholars  EuroScholars is a research abroad program for talented undergraduate students from US and Canadian  institutions. The objectives of this program are to give students the challenge of conducting research at the cutting edge of human knowledge and promote interactions with scholars through immersion in the research environment. 

Popular research projects:

  • Cell Biology Molecular Cell Biology: The section Molecular Cell Biology studies recognition of the environment by developing vertebrate cells. The major objectives are to study the way in which cells can recognize the difference between their own glycan molecules and identical or similar molecules produced by pathogens.
  • Plant Ecology: This study focuses on identifying and understanding the key processes in the evolution of reproductive traits and defence mechanisms in plants. Students study how biotic and abiotic environmental factors influence the fitness of different genotypes and how these differences lead to genetic change. 

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