Office of Study Abroad and Outreach

Atlantis Exchange Program


Program Details
Location(s)  Lyon, France, and Linköping, Sweden 
Term   Academic Year
Credit   Business
Classes Held  On-site
Housing   Residence Hall and Student Apartments
Passport Required       
Program Eligibility
GPA 3.0
Grad credit Not Available
Non-WIU   No
Pre-requiste Basic French Required
Student Year Junior, Senior

About the Program

General: Join students from DePaul University in Chicago, Ecole de Commerce Européenne, and Linköping University to earn a European Bachelor’s degree by spending your freshman and sophomore year at WIU and your junior year in Lyon, France and Linköping, Sweden. Return to WIU to finish a second Bachelor’s degree or apply for the MBA program.

Housing and Meals: In France students live in apartments with other program participants. In Sweden, students live in dormitories.

Entry Requirements: Students must apply for a visa before entering France. Visa requirements can be found here

Health Insurance: It is a university policy that all WIU students who study abroad are either covered under WIU student health insurance OR have purchased the Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plan through IMG.


ITEMS WIU Atlantis
Tuition 30 semester hours, plan Q 11,058.60 11,058.60
Application Fee   75.00
International Required Insurance   400.00
Passport   170.00
French Social Security   240.00
Housing and Meals 9,580.00 7,517.00
Student visa   305.00
Books and Supplies 400.00 400.00
Total 21,488.60 20,615.50*

 * This cost does not include airfare

Semester Dates

Fall: August-December

Spring: January-June


Interested students will take the following courses during their first and second years at WIU:             

First year   Second Year
Fall Spring  Fall Spring 
ENG 180  ACCT 201  ACCT 202  COMM 241
 MATH 137 STAT 171   ECON 231  ECON 232
 CS 101 BL 230  ENG 280  BCOM 320
 MGT125  Elective FREN 121  FREN 122
 Elective  Elective CS 302 DS 303

Students will take the following courses in Europe:

France Sweden
FIN 311 MGT 349
IS 340 UNIV 379
MGT 379 Thesis
MKTG 327 Swedish Language
BAT 379  
FREN 223  

Contact us:

Sarah Looman                                                   Horrabin Room 8
Tel: 309-298-2504