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Birmingham City University

Studying in Birmingham gives you a chance to live and work in a European city with world-class restaurants, entertainment and shops. Birmingham is home to more than one million people from a range of different cultures and ethnic groups, 40 percent of this population is 25 and younger.

Location Birmingham, England
Term(s) Fall: September - January, Spring: January - June, Summer: Mid-July - Early-August 
Areas of Study Accountancy, Broadcasting, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Fashion Photography, Finance, Information Systems, LEJA, Management, Marketing, Social Sciences, Education, and MANY more!
Housing Residence Hall
Passport Required
Visa (for US citizens) Not Required for < 6 month stay
GPA 2.8
Grad credit Not available
Pre-requiste No previous proficiency required
Student Year Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Entry Requirements

Semester Program: You are REQUIRED to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in this program. Proff of vaccination will be required prior to WIU registration. Students can participate in a semester or academic year exchange BCU where they will have opportunities to take coursework in a variety of disciplines. 

Summer Program: The International Summer School at BCU offers a variety of three-week programs.

Housing and Meals: BCU has housing available in student dormitories. More information about housing and meal options can be found on the university website.

Entry Requirements: Summer students do not need a visa to participate. Students participating in a semester program do not need to apply for a visa before entering the country and can receive their visa upon entry in the airport. Students participating in an academic year program will need a visa before entering the UK. 

Health Insurance: It is a university policy that all WIU students who study abroad are either covered under WIU student health insurance OR have purchased the Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plan through IMG.

Academics:  Be aware that Majors are called "Courses." 

Costs (Comparative Table)

Semester Program
Items WIU Birmingham
Tuition 12 semester hours, plan V 4,506.00 4506.00
Commitment Fee   75.00
Health Insurance 842.00  200.00
Passport   135.00
Housing and Meals 4,365.00 3100.00
Student Visa   123.00
Books and Supplies 400.00 200.00
Total 10,113.00 8339.00*

*You are responsible for purchasing your own flights.

Summer Program
Items WIU Birmingham
Tuition 3 semester hours, plan V 1,026..80 2,600.00
Commitment Fee   75.00
Health Insurance   100.00
Passport   135.00
Housing and Meals 380 for housing+320 estimated for 3 weeks meal (Included in tuition) / 400 for evening meals
Books and Supplies 50.00 100.00



*You are responsible for purchasing your own flights.

*Evening meals not included

WIU Financial Aid applies and Scholarships are available.



At BCU, students follow "Courses" (majors) by taking "Modules" (classes).

"Studying abroad has opened my eyes to how young our country is. There is so much to learn from fellow nations, and likewise they can learn from us".

Madison (Maddy) Ellis
Spring 2018
Scholarship: $1,100



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