Office of Study Abroad and Outreach

The best way to learn is by doing and implementing what you discuss in the classroom beyond its walls.As you practice and find ways to make those concepts work in real life, your understanding expands. You can continue learning by serving the needs of others; working in close interaction with communities and people who do not have access to a classroom, and making a real impact in those communities.

Service Learning

servicelearning Service learning is volunteering your time, knowledge and energy in activities that answer the needs of people around the world while providing you the guidance to expand your knowledge and skill-set from the experience with professionals committed to changing the world through their work in close interaction with field specialists.

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Funding Opportunities for undergrad students who wish to do internships or volunteer work in  Ecuador or Puerto Rico - Summer 2018. Applications are now being accepted!!


Teach Abroad

Teach abroad is volunteering your time and expertise through working with youngsters and teachabroadchildren from around the world. These opportunities are part of a long tradition of initiatives supported by U.S. Government agencies created to promote good will around the world, such as:




London: The City Experience
Morgan 302, 3:00 pm


International Health Care Systems, Ireland
Tillman 208, 11:00 am

OCT 26

Art in New York City
Garwood 10, 5:00 pm



Art in New York City
Garwood 10, 5:30 pm 


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