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Working with Women in Ecuador

WIU Business and Marketing Major"Throughout the month of June of 2017, I completed an internship with Pan de Vida, Ecuador. Pan de Vida gives people in extreme poverty the opportunity to learn the life skills and obtain the resources they need, both spiritually and physically, to overcome poverty. My project was to teach business concepts to a group of women entrepreneurs who were working on a sewing business. While teaching them about business was the overall goal of my project, my biggest priority was to empower them for success. Those four weeks were the best learning experience of my life. It taught me to open my eyes , heart and mind to a new place and families in need. Working for Pan de Vida is a life changing and humbling experience and I was blessed to be part of that project. There is no greater reward than experiencing the appreciation and smiles of the people that interact with us."

Morgan Kumer, WIU Business and Marketing Major

Experience in Puerto Rico

Political Science StudentIn summer 2017, I completed the senior thesis project in, Ponce, Puerto Rico. My project was to suggest ways to improve the farmers' market and examine the methods that the current farmers use to attract shoppers to the farmers’ market. While doing the study there, I had a chance to travel to many places on the island that gave me an unforgettable memory and experience. I never regret my time doing an internship there. It taught me a lot of new experiences, especially learning about culture and language. I could not thank everyone who I've met on the island enough for what they have done for me. I can offer nothing but a “Gracias” in return for your assistance.

Fluke Kiattipong Aunmueng, ​Political Science Student​

Testimony of Students


"Nepal is a country I never imagined traveling to. Dr. Ghimire ... shared a plethora of knowledge and contacts about his country with us.  They honor their history and are preparing for the future. I'm missing Nepal and I would like to return with maybe an extended visit ...."

- Phylicia Manley(after returning from Nepal)

Student Blogs

Name:  Kate Hickey /sao/study_abroad/students/index.pcf Image

Program: Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Systems

Country Ireland

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Name:  Haley Richards /sao/study_abroad/students/index.pcf Image

Program: British Media Studies

Country United Kingdom

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Name:  Emily Stieren /sao/study_abroad/students/index.pcf Image

Program: British Media Studies

Country United Kingdom

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Name:  Brooke Costigan /sao/study_abroad/students/index.pcf Image

University: University of Auckland

Country: New Zealand

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Name: Katy Gorsuch /sao/study_abroad/students/index.pcf Image

Program: Fulbright English Teaching Assistant

Country Argentina

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  /sao/study_abroad/students/index.pcf Image Name:  Molly Cameron

University: Edge Hill University

Country England

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Flash Mob in Japan by WIU

Not only do you learn about other cultures, you certainly can teach people about yours! Check out Semaj Arnold and a flash mob at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan!






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