Building Connections

Background Information

The Student Report allows you to consider, early in the term, the following questions:

  • What are the student's major strengths?
  • What are the barriers that the student must overcome to be successful?
  • What areas should be discussed with the student?
  • What cautions would I exercise in interviewing the student?
  • What recommendations would I make to the student?

Meeting with the student about the Student Report

  1. Establish rapport
  2. Briefly discuss educational background and motivation
  3. Begin with identifying strengths
  4. Identify areas of concern
  5. Encourage student to use strengths to overcome any barriers to success
  6. Look at overall profile and summarize
  7. Discuss specific recommendations
  8. Get commitment from student to take action (if needed)
  9. Make referral (if appropriate)
  10. Schedule next meeting