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Being a mentee is an opportunity for you as a student to learn from a professional person within the field(s) in which you are interested in pursuing a career. The mentor will act as a coach and guide to assist you in your personal and professional growth.

The program is structured and designed with the schedule of a busy professional and busy student in mind. The time commitment is about an hour per month and most communication is by email or phone/text. Mentors and Mentees meet in person only if their schedules allow.

Most mentors will possess:

  • Strong interpersonal skills and self-awareness
  • At least three years of professional experience
  • A network of professionals to share as a resource for the student

There is no application process to be a mentee, you just simply must have an account on Leatherneck Link. This website provides job and internship openings at companies that partner with Western Illinois University, and it houses the Professional Mentoring system. Once you have an active account, you can peruse the list of available mentors through the Professional Network tab on the left side of your account page

We do request that you make an appointment with the Career Development Center to discuss the mentoring program before you reach out to professionals on Leatherneck Link.

When you find someone you are interested in beginning a professional Mentor-Mentee relationship, you select the “Interested” button and send a brief email expressing why you are interested in having that individual serve as a mentor to you. Here is an example:

HI, I am an accounting major at WIU in my junior year. On your mentoring profile, I noticed you work in public accounting. Would you be interested in serving as my mentor, as I am torn between public and private accounting? Thank you for your time, Michelle Howe

Once you submit your “interest” it is up to the professional to respond back. Remember, these are busy individuals and you may not hear back from some. Please contact the Career Development Center at 309-298-1838 if you are having difficulty finding a mentor.

Contact Info

Career Development Center
Memorial Hall 125
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Macomb, IL 61455

Phone: (309) 298-1838