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Exam Services

The purpose of the DRC exam service is to modify aspects of the testing environment in a manner that allows for accurate assessment of achievement. Exam accommodations include but are not limited to extended time, a reduced-distraction test environment, readers, scribes, and a computer for essay and short answer exams. While instructors may provide these accommodations to students if they wish, DRC offers an exam service for those who do not have the resources to provided necessary modifications within their respective departments.

Students who plan to take exams using the DRC exam service will utilize the online scheduling form available through STARS to schedule exams at the DRC. Prior to using the online scheduling system, students must meet with a DRC staff member to receive training on exam scheduling and exam services policies and procedures.

Once students have scheduled exams, instructors receive an email notifying them of the dates and times. If you have questions regarding the dates and times of scheduled exams, please contact DRC exam services at 309-298-2512 or DRC@wiu.edu.

The responsibilities of all parties utilizing the DRC exam service are listed below.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for scheduling a meeting with DRC staff to learn how to schedule exams online. Once this training has occurred, the student is responsible for using the online exam scheduling system to schedule their exams in a timely fashion.
  • Students are responsible for showing up on time for scheduled exams. Students who are more than 20 minutes late for an exam will not be allowed to take the exam. The student will be allowed to reschedule the exam with the instructor’s permission. If a student is less than twenty minutes late for an exam and is still in accordance with the instructor’s late policy that time is automatically deducted from time allowed and will not be made up through additional extended time. If a student does not show up for a scheduled exam and wants to reschedule with DRC, he or she is responsible for contacting the instructor and DRC in a timely manner to make those arrangements.
  • Students should take only the materials approved by the instructor and needed to complete the exam into the exam room. All personal belongings should be left in the main DRC office while exams are in progress.
  • Students are responsible for contacting DRC as soon as possible with exam dates and times when tests are "To Be Announced" or when a test is rescheduled. This contact should be either through the online exam scheduling system, by phone to 309-298-2512, or by email at DRC@wiu.edu.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Instructors are responsible for providing approved test accommodations within their department or using the DRC exam service to provide them to students who have notified them of such need via the DRC Faculty Notification System.
  • Instructors should discuss needed accommodation and testing arrangements with their students.
  • Instructors are responsible for ensuring that DRC receives a copy of the test and a completed Exam Information Form in a timely manner. Tests can be faxed to 298-2361, emailed to DRC@wiu.edu, or delivered to Memorial Hall, Room 143.
  • Instructors should ensure that students taking exams at the DRC have the same opportunity to ask questions as their peers. This can be done by providing DRC with a telephone number that students can call or text during the exam or an email address that will be monitored during the exam.

DRC Responsibilities

  • DRC exam services will operate Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This service remains in operation over the lunch hour.
  • DRC will notify faculty when students have scheduled exams in our department.
  • DRC is responsible for ensuring that all exams remain secure.
  • DRC is responsible for ensuring that faculty are informed of any additional materials used during exams.
  • DRC is responsible for the disposal of exams as specified by the instructor if a student does not show up for an exam.
  • DRC will monitor exams via video camera system or live proctor and notify faculty of cheating or suspicious behavior on the part of the student.
  • DRC will provide appropriate accommodations that are requested in a timely manner.
  • DRC will hand deliver exams to the appropriate departmental office upon completion.
  • If we have not received exams from instructors, DRC will send a reminder email the day before the exam is to be administered. If the text needs to be converted to an alternative format, such as Braille, instructors may receive a reminder several days in advance.

What if a student is caught cheating on an exam at DRC?

In the rare instance when a student is found to be cheating on an exam, DRC removes the exam and returns it uncompleted to faculty with a note explaining the situation. The course of action taken against the student is determined by the professor and based on the previously established policy. Further testing accommodations cannot be withheld from a student, but additional caution will be used to maintain the integrity of the exam.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm

Contact Info

Disability Resource Center
Memorial Hall 143
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Email: disability@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 298-2512
Fax: (309) 298-2361