Disability Resource Center

Partnership for Accessibility

Diversity, equity, and opportunity are fundamental components of our University values. Access for and inclusion of students with disabilities in our classrooms is inextricably linked to these components. Because these are institutional commitments and responsibilities, DRC partners with instructors and students with disabilities to uphold these values and fulfill our obligations. In this partnership, each party has a role to play.

DRC Role

DRC is guided by concepts from Disability Studies, which assert that disability is a sociopolitical construct created and perpetuated by an environment in which barriers exclude disabled people from access and participation. This concept minimizes the impact of an individual's impairment and locates the "problem", or burden of responsibility, to the environment. DRC aims to work with the University community proactively to create environments that are usable and accessible to a diverse student body to the greatest extent possible. As such, DRC staff members are available to consult with faculty on inclusive design of the curricular environment. Additionally, in cases where barriers are not eliminated through proactive design, the DRC works with students to determine appropriate accommodations that will provide needed access. DRC uses a combination of student interview, student history, third-party documentation from a qualified professional, disability law and information about the specific course or environment to determine eligibility for specific accommodations. Finally, DRC provides resources to support faculty in the design of inclusive environments and in providing student accommodations.

Instructor Role

Accessibility is an indicator of cultural competence and is central to welcoming a diverse student body. As designers of the learning environment, instructors are encouraged to engage in thoughtful design that integrates accessibility, without the need for retroactive accommodations when possible. When this is not possible, it may be necessary to work with students and the DRC in providing accommodations. If a student reports an accessibility issue, please guide students to the DRC to begin the accommodation process, if they have not already done so.

Please note that the goal of accessibility is equal access, rather than guaranteed success. Instructors are not expected to lower course standards or modify essential learning objectives to accommodate students with disabilities.

Student Role

While it is our goal that students have immediate access to courses, there may be aspects of a course that result in barriers to inclusion or accurate assessment of achievement. If a student anticipates or experiences barriers, it is their responsibility to bring this to the attention of instructors and DRC and follow University procedures for requesting and implementing accommodations.

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